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About the Website


The Mission of the Foundation is to

a) visualise
the spiritual and moral heritage of Frank N.D Buchman

b) document
the sources from which he sought guidance and inspiration

c) illuminate
how Buchman's friends, colleagues, and the world at the time, viewed him and his work

d) introduce
artists, musicians, authors, craftsmen and others who have been inspired and motivated by this heritage, including the choices they have made in life.

e) make available
music, pictures, films, texts etc. in order to clarify, explain and deepen the above

f) receive and pass on gifts
for the above.

Articles of the Foundation

NOTE: This is an approximate English translation of the Swedish original.

From the capital received from the association Kultur för Livet (registration number 802411-6926) 750 000 SEK shall be placed so that the adminsitrative costs that fall on the foundation in the future will be ensured. This money shall be placed so that it does not counter the spirit of the foundation.

If there is money available at the end of the year, this capital can be augmented in the same proportion to the Swedish consumer price index (KPI), in order to ensure its continued value.

Apart from the above, all other resources should be used for the purpose and not be invested long term.

The board

The board must consists of three to eleven members, elected by the board. Their term of office is ten years. A person can be re-elected after ten years.

The board choses the chair person. The board can also call on others to fulfill specific tasks.

The board shall make decisions by consensus, with the whole board present in physical or electronic form. Alternatively a board member can let the chairman know in writing her or his decision in the matter raised.

A new member of the board shall

have read the books Remaking the world (R1), Streams (R2) and Frank Buchman - a life (R3) as well as having taken note of (R4). If more reference material has been added this will also be included. in at least 250 words express his or her personal relationship to this material, which will be included in the minutes. express a personal faith in God - the Creator, without the requirement of a formal allegiance to any particular  church.

Lundby Gård, Odensala, Stockholm county Sept 7 2013
Ann-Kristin Särnbrink, Nils-Erik Särnbrink, 
Eva Måsén Duckert, Sylvie Söderlund, Gunnar Söderlund, Monica Pettersson

Reference material

R1 The book Remaking the world - speeches by Frank Buchman

R2 The book Streams by Mark O. Guldseth

R3 The book Frank Buchman - a life by Garth Lean

R4 The Oxford Group, Group Revivalism and the churches in Northern Europe 1930-1945 with Special reference to Scandinavia and Germany by Professor Anders Jarlert.

The board may not add new reference material in order to clarify points a, b and c without permission of The county administrative board of Stockholm. (Länsstyrelsen i Stockholms län)


Two members of the board can together sign for the foundation. Person outside the board can be elected to have the right of signature. This person can sign for the foundation together with one member of the board.


A standardised, per hour,  financial remuneration will be used for person, who in some capacity, contributes to the work of the foundation.

If the person is a specialist with set tariffs, these will apply.

The board members may be remunerated in the same way. Additional costs like travel will be repaid in full. The remuneration is calculated on what the person will receive net in hand having paid necessary taxes and vat.

A person residing outside Sweden will receive net what she or he would have recieved if living in Sweden. As basis the year 2013 is used and the sum of 125 SEK or equivalent/ hour.

This sum will follow the consumerprice index in Sweden.

Person wanting to support the foundation may suggest no or reduced remuneration for herself or himself.

Force majeure

If the foundation for some reason needs to cease its work and existance, the material  and immaterial posessions shall  be transferred to institution or the like that will keep this and make it available to people doing research as well as the public. Decision on which institution will be taken in consultation with  

The county administrative board of Stockholm.(Länsstyrelsen i Stockholms län)

A member of the board may not be a member of, or publicly sympathise with organisation or point of view that is in contradiction to the United Nations (UN) charter of human rights.

Differences of opinion within the board shall primarily be solved internally. If this is not possible three people are called who  have the trust of all concerned. Issue that cannot be solved this way will be referred to

The county administrative board of Stockholm.(Länsstyrelsen i Stockholms län)

Financing the Journey

On Jan 1st 2019 the foundation has invested capital of 2 300 000 SEK (€ 230 000) and available in cash 500 000 SEK.

In September 2013, the association Kultur för Livet (Renewal Arts Sweden) decided to put their capital into creating the foundation “For a new world”.  

The money had been a gift to the association after the sale in 2001 of Alnäs, the MRA home in Stockholm.

The remaining 3 148 000 SEK (slightly less than € 314 800) was invested securely in a way that was not contrary to the spirit of the purpose, but at a low interest.

Since 2013 some 348 000 SEK (approx. € 34 000) plus individual gifts has been used to launch the project of the internet platform “For a new world”. So far this includes close to 20 000  volunteer hours and some  hours of paid time for technical know-how at an average cost of 340 SEK/hour, in order to present the now available Beta version.

A further 500 000 SEK (approx. € 50 000) is a rough estimate at the cost needed to bring about the second stage of the project. The foundation has decided to release that money from the invested capital in order to make sure that bills can be paid for the essential technical know-how but will depend to a very large extent on more volunteers to arrive at the goal.

By reducing the capital to 2 800 000 SEK minus 500 000 SEK = 2 300 000 SEK ( € 230 000) the foundation will be at the point where the interest will barely cover the essential, yearly administrative costs of different internet subscriptions, chartered accountant, some office and archive space, but will cover no paid help, of any kind. 

The capital will therefore be reduced annually, unless people who believe in the project would like to help with financial gifts.

Donors list

Latest update: January, 2021

Total financial gifts, so far: SEK 1 138 000 (approx. € 108 932 – £ 92 133 – $ 124 640)

Donor name(s) Donor comment(s) Donor country
Rosmarie Lilliehöök   Sweden
Gunnar Söderlund In memory of Sigrid Hallén Sweden
Oliver Williams In memory of Dell and Hugh Williams UK
Gunnar Söderlund In memory of John and Rut Söderlund Sweden
Peter Vickers   UK
Ellie Vickers   UK
The Oxford Group (IofC UK)   UK
Jean and Peter Everington   UK
Frieda Thaler In memory of Helga Landmark Italy
Frieda Thaler In memory of Rita Karrer Italy
Folker and Monica Mittag   Germany
IofC - Sverige   Sweden
Rob and Betsy Lancaster   USA
Leif Söderlund   Sweden
Vreni Gautschi   Switzerland
Foundation for a moral and spiritual renewal  



John Ruffin   USA


Board of the foundation

The board can have up to 11 members, and we aim to have a group of people that represent the international aspect of the the purpose of the foundation.

To see who is currently on the board, please visit this page.

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