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Asia's Destiny

MRA in parts of Asia

The films shows actions of MRA in Asia, including the tour of Anything to Declare (ATD) in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), in presence of many officials including ministers and political figures of the country.

Pictures of the show, including people singing on stage. Rajmohan Gandhi (sync) speaks on the platform about the importance of the multicultural aspect of Malaysian society. Interview with Dr Thio Chan Bee, an 'eminent Chinese educator, from Singapore' who talks about his willingness to work towards better relationships between Singapore and Malaysia, and his guidance to contact and meet a man who had been considered as 'public enemy number one' of the Chinese in Singapore.

This man is interviewed and emphasizes that being a Muslim, he sees a number of points that relate Islam to MRA.

Description of the situation in Calcutta, India. Satya Banerji is a trade union leader from the railways, he talks about the action he took to apologize to fellow colleagues for his negative attitude, which led to an agreement from which the whole company benefited, in the end.

Interview with Mr Shashi Patel in Mumbai, who runs a company of film processing and LP records production, who talks about the way he has put things in order with colleagues and trade union leaders. This action led to an agreement between them.

The film goes on with actions taken by people in Assam and Nagaland to improve relationships. Chief Minister of Assam says that MRA has changed the atmosphere of Assam.

The cast of ATD takes part in the celebrations of the historic inauguration of the new autonomous state of Meghalaya, formerly part of Assam. Mrs Indira Gandhi, prime minister of India has come from New Delhi. She is seen giving her inauguration speech (sync).

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