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Caux 1980

Documentary about the conferences at Caux

People driving a car to Caux, views of Caux from down the hill. Daniel MOTTU speaking to a young couple about the conference center of MRA in Caux. Views of people speaking in dialogue, in meetings, eating in the dining room, children baking cakes. Werner HALLER tells a part of the building's history: how it was used for refugees in the 2nd world war. Productions being showed in the theatre. (Michel ORPHELIN in 'Poor man, Rich man') Cardinal KOENIG from Vienna speaks on the platform during a meeting. Participants to the conferences speak in front of the camera about their experience in Caux. Peter PETERSEN speaks with young people. Luis PUIG speaks about his country, Guatemala. Paul GUNDERSEN, from Finland speaks on the platform during a meeting. John SÖDERLUND and Torsten HENRIKSSON from Sweden walk-in conversation. Japanese guests compare Caux with a place where the hearts of people are washed, in times of quiet. African guest speaks about African independence and issues of morality. Geneviève LEFÈVRE, from Quebec, speaking about the quiet time. Young people participating in a youth session talk together. Musicians and singers on stage playing music. People running at dawn on the terrace, the sun rising on the mountain. Film ends with words of Cardinal KOENIG.

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