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A Challenge Met (Arabic)

Original title
Report from Rajmohan Gandhi about the work of MRA in India
[No viewable video. See the details sidebar to find out where physical copies or originals can be found.]

Report from Rajmohan Gandhi (sync) about the work of MRA in India. Testimonies of Indian people who have decided to take action to make a difference for their own country. Various shots of choir singing songs including "Up with People". Different people working backstage for the show "India Arise" and other Indian people speak about their involvement in their own lives to make a change. Various shots of people working in Panchgani, and voice over describing their activities. 15:00 mins : young Indians rehearsing and singing for the musical review "Sing Out." A former communist says how he changed his mind and decided to give his time to serve his country by joining the programme of MRA. Rajmohan Gandhi (sync) speaks about the needs of India and the way MRA and the review "India Arise" addresses those needs.

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Original title
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Asian Films, New Delhi
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