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Crowning Experience Hollywood Premiere

TV report of the Premiere of the film "The Crowning Experience""

The Premiere took place at the Fox Wilshire Theatre in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Los Angeles. Various interviews of people attending the Premiere, including Rajmohan Gandhi (sync), Chief Walking Buffalo (sync), Sheb Wooley (songwriter, actor and CBS Television star), Tex Williams (Western music singer) who speaks about the Colwell brothers and their tour in Europe, George Marshall (film director), Paul Dunlap (composer of the film's musical soundtrack), Bunny Austin (British tennis player) and other well known people. Some of them insist on the crucial choice between MRA and Communism.

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Year of release
Film length
Production company
Knotts Berry Farm and Ghost Town (as opening titles suggest) - although can of the film has "MRA Productions" tag
Location of original cut