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A dose of my own medicine

Memoirs of a Canadian doctor, a close friend and colleague of Frank Buchman

‘I remember those nights, when the snow crackles underfoot and glistens like a carpet of tiny diamonds under the clear sky with its sparkle and light.’

Dr Paul Campbell writes evocatively of his childhood in Alberta, his training in medicine at the University of Alberta in Edmonton and then at the Henry Ford Hospital, in Detroit. For 19 years he was the personal physician, colleague and close friend of Frank Buchman, the initiator of Moral Re-Armament. He says, ‘one of the chief characteristics of my time with him was merriment. Like Old King Cole, he was a merry soul. He was invigorating, never dull. He was fun to be with.’

Since Buchman’s death ln 1961, Dr Campbell has continued his work with Moral Re-Armament in many countries, especially in Canada, where he earned the trust of people of the First Nations, and men and women of Québec. He says, ‘I am proud to be a Canadian and I have faith in the future of our magnificent country.’