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Education for tomorrow's world

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Important, refreshing material from three experienced Scandinavian educationalists.

They seek to train pupils in total responsibility. The great educational challenge today is to make them see that they can play a decisive part in building a new world where problems can be solved. Under headings such as 'The Therapeutic Community', 'Releasing the capacity to learn and create', 'Curing hate and bitterness' they arrange evidence collected from many countries of the way children rise to this challenge. The Swiss boy who became honest, 'because I should like to do something for my country, like Gandhi'—the girl who seemed mentally deficient until the class changed their attitude towards her (The Therapeutic Community had done its work)—these and many other stories contributed by teachers trained in Moral Re-Armament are told with freshness and first-hand quality that invite similar experiment. Sound in theory, the book records a wealth of practice.