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The Endless Adventure

You will want to see what is in the next chapter and the next!

Half the world today is under 21. It is largely and rightly in revolt against the compromises and conventions of the older generation and the injustices permitted to remain in the world. But few have found the avenue down which to pour their energies, talents and hopes. Lately we have heard a lot from some Christian leaders who have taken the Cross out of morality. But youth remains unsatisfied, while the nation and the world slide downhill. It is high time that we should consider again what it is that Christ offers and requires. This book relates the experience, partly in their own words, of those who listened to Him and obeyed Him. It tells how men and women stood up to the iniquities and faithlessness of their time and made decisions that altered history. Today we are at a hinge of history. Human wisdom and human passions are not proving adequate to end aimlessness, boredom and cynicism, not to direct into peaceful and fruitful channels the terrific forces modern man has released. The Endless Adventure sets out to show how this situation can be changed and how an effective, speedy and intelligent revolution can be fought and won today.

The Endless Adventure, by Roger Hicks, which aims - and seems to be well on the target - to point to young people the way to plan lives worth living.’ Methodist Recorder

‘Roger Hicks’ anthology is exciting. It moves along from person to person and from century to century in such a way that you want to see what is in the next chapter before going to sleep. His selections are scholarly.’ ‘C.D.’ in The Church of Ireland Newspaper