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A hand to the plough

A farmer’s vision for the twenty-first century

A Hand to the Plough is a remarkable compilation of inspiring essays which show the path to sustainable human happiness and well-being. The last chapter on the unity of the spirit brings out the great importance of integrating science and spirituality. This book is a must for all interested in fostering harmony with nature and with each other.’

Professor M.S. Swaminathan, Chairman, National Commission on Farmers, Government of India

The book looks at the influences at work in the twenty-first century through science, economics, politics and religion. These raise challenges for all democrats, and emphasise the need for faith in the individual’s ability to make a difference.

In the second half Patrick Evans outlines the farmer’s contribution to this world picture, aiming to address all interested observers of the agricultural scene. This includes answering poverty, combating climate change, appreciating food quality and the need for fair trade to sustain unsubsidised profitability for farmers.

Patrick Evans spent three years as an Assistant Technical Officer with the Essex War Agricultural Committee. From 1953 until he retired in 1988, he farmed in Herefordshire in partnership with his brother Edward.

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