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Incorrigibly Independant

Original version:
A journey of discovery into the past, present and future.

"You Finns are the world's biggest individualists,” Gundersen was told as a young man. He felt flattered rather than chastened: his country could hardly have survived over 700 years of foreign domination without a certain independence of character. Gundersen’s life spans most of his country's history as a free nation. His experiences during the war, voluntary work for reconciliation in many countries and later as a businessman travelling widely in Eastern Europe, have all convinced him of the importance of individual choices and aims. Incorrigibly Independent is not so much a biography as a journey of discovery. 

Some reviews of the Swedish edition:

"Full of life," Falu Kuriren, Falun, Sweden

"Well-written, exciting, rewarding," Östgöten, Linköping, Sweden

"Deeply gripping...fascinating reading. A man on fire, an idealist with the whole world as his field of action," Ystads Allehanda, Ystad, Sweden

"An important contribution to the memoir literature of Finland." Kyrkpressen, Helsinki, Finland

"His perspective on modern Finnish history...can become a springboard for commitment in the complex world of today. A book to relax with - and be inspired by." En Vey Helsinki, Finland

"Gundersen has been involved in a life-long battle for the absolute value of each person, and he has been driven by an impressive will to build bridges between countries, even where it seemed impossible... The lasting impression of this book is that faithfulness to a personal calling can change people and their living conditions." Sändaren, Stockholm, Sweden

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