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From India with hope

Henderson's first book, written in India in 1971.

'My wife and I were travelling through India with a musical review Anything to Declare of which I was part author. We were helping Rajmohan Gandhi’s programme for ‘a clean, strong and united India’. I was very impressed by what his work was achieving and I said to him that he ought to write a book about it. He said he didn’t have the time and suggested that I should do it. We had at that point three weeks of rest between shows and so I set to it. It was published in London and launched by the Indian High Commissioner Apa Pant.'

The back cover reads:

'For those who live in India or have served her;

For those who knew India well and for those who know nothing about her;

For those who want to go to India or to leave her for good;

A book that will inform and surprise. The view of an Englishman but not an English viewpoint.'



Grosvenor Books
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