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Iraqi Statesman – A portrait of Mohammed Fadhel Jamali


‘I met Jamali at the U.N. in 1950 and later in a number of other places. I have heard nothing but good things about this noble personality ... a good and great man.’ Dr Inamullah Khan, Secretary General, World Muslim Congress, Karachi

‘Fadhel Jamali combined modernism and devout Islam in his distinguished career in Iraqi polities prior to the overthrow of the monarchy in 1958. American trained, yet a true Arab nationalist, he contributed materially to bringing Iraq into the society of nations before the takeover by the Ba'ath party in that country. His life is a reminder that there are many Iraqis with standards of morality and integrity. We may yet hope that another Jamali will appear on the Iraqi political scene.’ Herman Fredrick Eilts, Chairman, Dept. of International Relations, Boston University, Former US. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and Egypt

Harry Almond speaks and writes Arabic and has known Dr Jamali since 1951. He and Mrs Almond have lived nearly twenty years in Beirut, Basra, Cairo, Bahrain, and other parts of the Middle East. One of their daughters was born in Basra, the other in Bahrain. He represents the Reformed Church in America on the Office of Christian-Muslim Relations of the National Council of Churches and has lectured widely on the Middle East and Muslim affairs.



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