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Life began yesterday - 1939 edition

One of the early 'classic' books about the Oxford Group and Moral Re-Armament

'This book is dedicated in gratitude and affection to Dr. Frank Buchman and to that world-wide band of care-free, hate-free, God-inspired men and
women, known as the Oxford Group, who are bringing new life to a troubled world.'

From the preface: 'The great problems of the world, political, economic and social, are at their roots moral problems of fear and selfishness. Thousands of writers and speakers have pointed this out, and have suggested that the only hope for the future of civilisation is a change of heart in enough individuals to affect the thinking and acting of the world.

'The unique contribution of Dr. Buchman and the Oxford Group is that they have demonstrated in more than sixty countries how this change can come. They produce the evidence not only of men and women whose lives have become different, but also of international, national, industrial and family situations that are different as a result.'



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