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Listen for a change

The challenges of living together–communication breakdowns, false expectations, infidelity, going it alone, alcoholism.

James: 'I came home at five next morning and I gave Barbara an ultimatum: "Three nights a week I’m with her. You can have the other four. Take it or leave it."'

Frances: 'We had such high hopes, but now I was desperate enough to consider leaving Tony. When had it all started to turn sour?'

Anna: 'The other day someone said to me, "You two really love one another!" I laughed to myself as I thought, "You wouldn't have said that three years ago."'

The experiences of James and Barbara, Tony and Frances, and Peter and Anna defy the soaring divorce statistics. Each couple, faced with apparently insurmountable difficulties, is today creating a marriage that works. They, and many others, tell their stories in Listen for a Change. Chapters deal with communication breakdowns, false expectations, infidelity, going it alone and trying again, and alcoholism and drug addiction.

Annejet Campbell has collected these stories from people she has met in many countries through her work with Moral Re-Armament. Her first book on family life, Listen to the Children, was published by Grosvenor Books in 1979.



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