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For the Love of Tomorrow

A leading figure in the French Resistance who became pivotal to the reconciliation of post war France and Germany

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Note from the editor: this page is about the Publication with the same name as the Film (which is found under 'Related Material' at the bottom of this page)

Irène Laure had always been a rebel against injustice. She was an indomitable figure in the French Resistance. Amidst the rubble of post-war Europe she discovered forgiveness to be a force stronger than hatred and was key to the peace forged between sworn former enemies, Germany and her home country.

Travelling to Germany, she spoke to thousands on radio and in person. 'For weeks my heart ached when I spoke. But I made peace. Why are we ready to pay the price of war in lives and money, and yet not to pay the price of peace?'

In a series of sensitive cameos Jacqueline Piguet evokes the life of Irene Laure whether in workers' homes In Calcutta, in newly independent Zaire, or through unexpected friendships formed in modern America.

Jacqueline Piguet, a friend of Irene Laure, was born in Mulhouse, Alsace.



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