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Malta: island fortress or bridge of peace

Malta: its past, present and potential future.

This book is a new study of the island of St Paul. Its past was at the service of every nation with ambitions to control the Mediterranean, that great East-West World Highway; Malta was always the Island Fortress, the Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier. Its present is as a free, independent nation, struggling to survive in the economic battlefield which is modem capitalism; Malta is a member of the United Nations with a vote equal to that of every other nation, great or small. Its potential future takes account of the significance of St Paul, who travel led widely in the area and set out h is strategy for peace in Malta and the wider world.

A senior Maltese cleric, Monsignor Victor Grech, comments: "I have read the new typescript of of your book at one go. It is exciting and inspiring. You have harmonised your passion for Malta with the intricate journey of a soul searching for God and living under His guidance."