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The Philosophy of Courage or the Oxford Group way

One of the early Oxford Group classics.

‘What is the thought at the back of the Oxford Group? This is the question which is being asked more and more by thoughtful people as this movement is spreading with a world-wide sweep and effect comparable to those of early Christianity. An answer is given here by the author of The Ethics of Power, a work welcomed both  in this country and abroad as one of the most original and profound contributions to Moral Philosophy in recent times. The answer is addressed not only to the specialist but to Everyman. For the Oxford Group aims not only, like Plato, to turn kings into philosophers or philosophers into kings, but also to make of the man in the street a philosopher-king. For years it has been working out in detail the way to that moral rearmament to which Everyman is now being called by so many voices in so many lands. This book sets forth the philosophy and psychology of that way. At the moment when fear and fortifications are beginning to build about us the prison of a new Middle Ages it is proclaiming in the language of the times the religion which consists in breaking down all the walls of fear.’