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PQ The Story of Philip Vundla

The true story of a fighter for justice and freedom in South Africa.

Throughout his life P.Q. Vundla was at the heart of every struggle of the African people on the gold mining reef of the Transvaal. Strikes and boycotts were his stock in trade. ‘ Two days before his death he was still wrestling with officialdom, fighting the cause of African widows threatened with dispossession of their houses.

His life was dedicated to change. In the midst of struggle he found a new weapon in his battle. A profound change in his own life challenged the consciences of leaders and ordinary people in the many countries where his new vision led him.

When many believe that the choice in South Africa is between violence and the status quo, his life throws light on a new road which he believed might even at this late hour lead to a better day for all South Africans.

(Taken from the back cover of the book.)



Moral Re-Armament South Africa