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Spin a Good Yarn: the story of W. Farrar Vickers

Farrar Vickers 1882-1977, the story of a family business with ethics at its heart.

Spin A Good Yarn, a biography of the British businessman, Farrar Vickers, describes (among other aspects) the substantial and lasting impact of the spiritual practises and traditions of the Oxford Group / MRA on the governance of Vickers Oils, a family owned manufacturer of specialised industrial lubricating oils.

3rd generation in the firm of Benjn. R. Vickers & Sons Ltd., which celebrates its 150th anniversary in 1978. During his lifetime it grew from a small merchanting business to a company manufacturing and exporting specialized lubricants to forty countries.

‘Of all the men I have known, he was the one who inspired absolute honesty and integrity. The twinkle of his eyes showed that here was a man who knew what was what. His keen and incisive mind got to the heart of the matter instinctively.’
a former employee

‘He had a quite extraordinary interest in people and their lives. I always came away from visiting him revitalized by his belief in the future of Britain and the world.’
a member of the family



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