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Brian Lightowler

An MRA/IofC worker, journalist, editor and campaigner for integrity.

As a young man Brian Lightowler was a keen climber and member of both the Cambridge University and French Alpine Clubs and later in professional life of the Institute of journalists and the International Federation of Journalists. Born in the UK he emigrated to Australia, married a Queenslander and holds both Australian and UK citizenship.

Shortly after graduating with honours from Cambridge University the author sold his motor bike and mountaineering equipment and began to work on a voluntary basis of ‘faith and prayer’ with Moral Re-Armament, now called Initiatives of Change (IC). Some counselled caution, but he went ahead. Trained as a journalist, the author has gained over the past 50 years a wide experience and understanding of the global scene, through his work in many capacities with MRA-IofC’s world programme in Europe, Australia, North America and Asia.

As an MRA/IofC worker, journalist, editor and campaigner for integrity he has been welcomed in the offices and homes of people at all levels of society in many countries. This has equipped and convinced him to write the powerful stories of many of these people in Corruption: Who Cares? With his wife Lorna he lives in Brisbane, and over the past 30 years they have together made many visits to East Asia and India.

United Kingdom
Primary country of residence