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Bryan Hamlin

With a doctorate in microbial biochemisty, Hamlin is passionate about nature.

Bryan Hamlin was born in England in 1940. He graduated with a BSc in microbiology from Bristol University in 1962, and completed his PhD in microbial biochemistry in 1966. Since then he has worked for Moral Re-Armament in Britain (1966-71), Canada (1971-76), and the USA. Since 1977, he and his American wife, Anne, have lived with their two children in Boston, Massachusetts. Hamlin has travelled extensively in Europe, India, the Middle East and thirteen times to Russia.

"In our retirement years Anne and I live in Medford, Massachusetts, just north of Boston; and for some years now I have returned my old passion with nature, specifically about the plants in our area, especially in a nearby state forest - the Middlesex Fells; publishing some articles about this. We also enjoy our adult children and grandchildren. I am still in touch with some of the people that I met during my visits to Russia and the Middle East."

Bryan Hamlin, 2021-02-21

United States
Primary country of residence
United States