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Bukiwe Maseko

Former volunteer as housekeeper in Caux

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South Africa .Together with all participants, friends and volunteers in Caux were very sad that Bukiwe has left . She was a dear friend and people enjoyed teaming up with her in room service at Caux.

Bukiwe served in housekeeping at Caux for six years and was the head of the department for the last few years. When asked what volunteering at Caux means to her and why she returns each year, she said she had always dreamed of serving the world.

By joining Caux she had achieved her life's goal, because she loved to care for others, and it helps her to understand the world, different cultures and religions, and the political norms of other countries better. She was not there for the money but for the growth of her mind, soul and heart. Every year she enriched. She learnt from others, especially the young interns, and she  made lifelong friends. There is also the spirit of the house.

Bukiwe Maseko  who was bon on February 22,  1964 , passed away on June 3, 2016.

South Africa