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Debora Kupferschmid

Musician and in charge of the Caux kitchen

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Debora Senn-Kupferschmid June born 13, 1942.

She studied in normal school in Thun and passed three years of teaching in Stechelberg. She became engaged herself in a totally selfless way in Caux and in other places with the Moral Rearmament (Initiatives of Change). 

Many of people got to know Debora in the Caux kitchen, where she led her team with great heart and care, and where she became an excellent cook. During their last visit to the Lindenhofspital on her birthday, she and Ruth Dallas-Mathys shared memories of long hours spent together studying recipes. She never did anything by half.

She cared much about the Jura question during the meeting in Hilterfingen, at the Kupferschmid's house, between Bernese from the Oberland and separatists from the Jura, where Debora delicately elicited the understanding of the Bernese for what the Jura people cared about.

When Debora had free time, she played the violin, and so, after those years in Caux, music became her vocation.

The 'Freiburger Nachrichten' reported that after graduating as a violin teacher at the age of 40, she moved to Murten in 1983, where she spent the happiest years of her life with Walter Senn (...). She was particularly fond of group music, which is why 16 years ago she founded an orchestra with her students, the 'archini murtensi'. The success of this ensemble in Murten and the surrounding area led her to ever greater achievements. Last autumn, the Elsner Foundation awarded Debora the Culture Prize for her outstanding commitment to music (...). She accepted it with joy and gratitude.

For many people Debora was a remarkable, radiant and warm woman. Her personality has left a lasting impression on them, and not only in the field of music.

She died on July 7, 2006.

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