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Elizabeth Locke

MRA/IofC voluntary worker with a strong pastoral focus.

Elizabeth (née Wigan) was born to parents who were involved with MRA (IofC).  She has worked on a full time vountary basis with IofC for most of her adult life. In this context from 1964 to 1970  she worked as a secretary at the London HQ of MRA

In 1969  she married David Locke and from 1970 to 1973 she was a joint hostess at one of the MRA community homes in London.  After some years doing overseas service with MRA in India, Australia and New Zealand in 1977 she joined Grosvenor Books, a publishing house specialising in books by authors associated with MRA.  There she specialised as an editor and became a director of the parent company, Grosvenor Productions Ltd. Since 2000 she has continued with IofC in a pastoral and advisory role.  She and David have entertained people from many countries in their home and developed a strong link with people from South Korea, which they have also visited a number of times. 

Birth year
United Kingdom
Primary country of residence
United Kingdom