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Eva Måsén Duckert

Born Eva Måsén, Swedish painter and founding board member of For a new world

In the ante-chambre  of the 1968 student revolution I gave my life to change the world. Yes, this was the wording and the concept! I was only 17 and I gave up my studies, even my schooling, my time and energy, above all my youth for this purpose!  My wholeheartedness allowed little space for seeing to my own personal needs. I wanted to be a Revolutionary for God before I knew how to be me. After some years I had a very severe and long-lasting Burn-out. An obvious result, now looking in retrospect! It was quite a blow!


A walk on a very long and often painful road started that should make a better equation of the sensitive person I am  and the inner and outer pressures of what I wanted to do with my life! The light inside me  which I always had been drawn to was transformed  from being a strain of following a torchlight to becoming a free source of my being. At this point, when not only all energy for altruistic action but also ideas and even words had run out and this totally impoverished shell of my being was all that seemed left, I started to paint.


I could only paint if I dropped all desire of result, left all control and just let go. It was just like I had to live. To live and to paint mutually depend on drawing from the same source. That of Life itself  which wants to love, to heal and become wholesome! To do, to achieve and to produce when it comes from wanting to be the Source itself comes from the Ego and inevitably runs me down. To draw from the Source out of love and even attraction enriches me and makes the journey light!.


The heavy bricks to carry of what I thought was my task were lifted from me. The notions of personal change, listening to ones inner voice, finding God's plan for one's life and even for the world which I had been a militant messenger for were broken down into millions of unidentifiable stones in order for the mosaic of my life to be laid. This creation is of course never finished! Recently, at the time of age when one usually retires a new adventure opened for me. It took me to live in Sardinia where  I now permanently exhibit my paintings in a private Art gallery belonging to two local great artists. My life with them and with others here is just inseparable from my sense of calling as is my living and my painting!


1950: Born in Gothenburg

1967-1992: Volunteer for Moral Rearmement in 15 different countries and on 3 continents. First as a founding Member of the Musical Revue 'Anything to Declare'

1975: Had a complete Burn-out 

1977: got married to Jean-Marc Duckert and worked ( only part-time because of ill health) at his side.  Preparing many conferences at Caux International Conference- Centre and co- initiating and leading Training courses for young adults.

1980: son Daniel was born

1985-1988: took up part-time studies at Gothenburg University in History of ideas. Published some articles for Publications of MRA and for the Daily Newspaper 'Göteborgs-Posten'

1992: Moved to France. Co-initiated the Community and Association 'Attente' which offered Housing, Work and Fellowship to people who were short of this or even living in the street.

1998: My husband died

2000-2017: started painting on a professional basis. Had about 30 exhibitions, personal and collective in France Sweden, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and Norway. Also followed several Art- courses in Paris and around Paris where I continued to live until 2010 when I moved to Sweden.

Also worked part-time these years as a teacher in English in Public Schools and for the Commune of Etampes. Then as a Consultant in English for Employers at Findus France.

2010: Moved to Sweden

2017: Moved to Sardinia

Primary country of residence