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Jeanette Horn

An artist who loves her work.

I was born in Cape Town .  I attended primary school at Loreto Convent in the Strand, near Cape Town.   My parents then moved to Durban, where I graduated from high school.   

After that I did a 3-year course in Commercial Art and Design in Durban.  I worked in the advertising field in Durban for a few years, and then in 1966, spent 6 months hitch-hiking across Europe with a South African friend, Rita Claassen!

On returning to SA, we both joined the youth group "Springbok Stampede" (the S African version of "Up With People") and travelled with them for 2 years.   Here I met Jan Horn, who played the lead guitar in the group, and we were married in 1970.  We moved to a farm, and there we brought up our 3 sons, Janneman, Murray and Brett.

 The documentary "Point of departure" about our son

In many ways I feel that I had somehow been prepared, trained and made ready for Janneman's sudden death.   The books I'd read, the friends who'd come my way, the things I'd discovered - all these things together enabled me to be strong and to encourage and inspire others at that difficult time.  Chardin's "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience" and the wisdom from "A Course in Miracles", they all had a part in my own growth.

In retrospect, it was as if I'd been part of a Plan - although I'd been unaware of any kind of preparedness beforehand...   A humbling and awe-inspiring thought.

The artist

I now have my own studio on the farm, and I paint mostly in oils.

I love painting!  (Jan says I'm addicted to it.)  It can be so intensely satisfying, so rewarding, so uplifting - and so exasperating.....  Salvador Dali said  "Have no fear of perfection.  You'll never reach it".  So I can relax, and just enjoy painting!

South Africa
Primary country of residence
South Africa