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Johannes de Pous

Worked all his life with MRA/Initiatives of Change. Dutch translator of For a new world

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I got to know about MRA through my parents. After finishing grammar school and having done my military service, I worked all my life with MRA/Initiatives of Change. I was mostly based in the Netherlands but was fortunate to have the chance to spend a year travelling around Britain with the musical 'It’s our country Jack'. I went to India in 1968, and later on to Lebanon, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and England again.

I have always been attracted by the idea of people finding a new way to view themselves and society which often resulted in change, often small, sometimes big. I was impressed by the great variety of backgrounds of people involved in our movement.

For 33 years I lived with my wife and three children in the MRA centre in Den Haag. I have been a member/secretary of the Board of the Dutch IofC Foundation and was for thirteen years member of the Caux Foundation. Since 2010 we live in the eastern part of the country where I have been involved, as I was in Den Haag, in our local church as chairman of the Church Council.

I enjoy being in nature for which there are many chances in this part of the Netherlands.

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