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Kenneth Noble

Secretary of IofC UK from 2004-2018

Ken has been a full-time volunteer and then an employee of MRA/Initiatives of Change from 1971, having had 'a profound about-turn in my life' whilst studying physics at Imperial College, London, in 1969.

Eighteen months in Malta was followed by seven years at Tirley Garth, the IofC residential centre in Cheshire, where he helped run conferences, maintain the gardens and run much of the administration.

In 1980, he spent a few months in Nigeria, helping to look after the IofC centre in Lagos and to run weekly training courses for trainee police detectives in how to be incorruptible and to put the needs of the country before self.

He then relocated to London where he was an editor of New World News (at that stage a weekly newsletter) and then, after a year’s Sabbatical, joined the team who were producing For a Change magazine, monthly.

Ken married Margaret in 1988 and they have one adult offspring, Laura. Ken became Secretary of Initiatives of Change in 2004/5 and stepped down from that role in 2018. Since then he has been Head of Pastoral Care and is currently employed for two days per week.

United Kingdom
Primary country of residence
United Kingdom