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Pamela Jenner

British journalist, trainer and drama historian.

Pamela Jenner has a long association with Initiatives of Change. She contributed articles to For a Change magazine under the editorship of Mary Lean and helped with editorial content for Disha when visiting Asia Plateau, India, in 2006. Dr Jenner was a tutor for the Caux Artists Programme in its launch year; was part of the co-ordinating team of Action for Life4 in India and Malaysia in 2008/09 and helped to organise the Seeds of Inspiration conferences in Caux. She is currently on the board of  Westminster Productions and on the editorial board of Changemakers magazine.

Dr Jenner was a journalist on newspapers and magazines for more than 30 years and also has a long association with the theatre both as a performer and a director. She is currently an associate lecturer in drama at Anglia Ruskin University; is a senior tutor in journalism at Harlow FE College and is helping to produce a week-long drama festival in Cambridge in 2019 for Write-On, an organisation promoting new playwriting.

United Kingdom
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United Kingdom