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Paul Campbell

Canadian-born medical doctor, author and close colleague of Frank Buchman.

Paul Campbell was born in 1912 in Vegreville, a small town in Alberta, Canada. At a young age he decided to study medicine as the only person he knew who had a car was the local doctor.

He first met the Oxford Group in 1932. After graduating from medical school in 1934 with ambitions of being a Professor of Clinical Medicine, he joined the Henry Ford Hospital in Detoit. In 1941 he chose to give up his hospital medical career and work 'full-time' with Moral Re-Armament. He spent the next 19 years as the personal physician to MRA's founder, Frank Buchman, following a stroke.

Campbell travelled the world with Buchman and perfomed in many MRA plays inlcuding The Forgotten Factor, The Ladder, We Are Tomorrow and The Hurricane. After Buchman’s death in 1961 Campbell continued working full-time with MRA in many different arenas where reconciliation was needed, from divisions between the French- and English-speaking Canadians to the Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland.

He also worked closely with Peter Howard with whom he collaborated in writing "Remaking Men" in 1954, which was published in fifteen languages.

Campbell never stopped fighting for what he believed until he was taken ill with dementia in 1989.             

He died in 1995 leaving his wife, Annejet Philips Campbell, two daughters and two grandchildren.

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