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Stephen Foot

British Educator and writer

'By 1933 Stephen Foot had achieved his three great ambitions in life: the first, to succeed in business (he was Shell Mex’s youngest overseas manager before the First war); the second, to come through the War alive and un-disgraced (he was a major in the Tank Corps and one of the pioneers of tank warfare: it was his plan for the mechanisation of the army which was adopted, and would have been put into operation in 1919, had the war continued); the third, to do something for education (he was a housemaster at a public school and a writer on educational matters).

'He then looked round for something to do that would have a more direct influence on the question of the future - war or peace?

'It was at this time that he came into contact with Moral Re-Armament, and for well over twenty years now he has been working with this force, and has seen its effect in key areas in many countries.

'Stephen Foot first went to Africa eight years ago, and has since travelled and lived in all parts of that Continent. Now, with an intimate knowledge of, and warm personal friendship with, so many hundreds of African people, he has written this fascinating story of the stirring new life and hope that is rising in Africa.' Taken from the back cover of Foot's book African Tale.

United Kingdom
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United Kingdom