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Veronica Craig Phelps

Chairperson of Irene Prestwich Trust. Honours Degree in Humanities and English Literature.

Veronica knew about MRA (iofC) through her parents who met it before the war. She first went to Caux as a teenager and was gripped by the spirit and vision there. Applying IofC ideas was a revelation and began a huge change in the direction of her life. She has worked full time on a voluntary basis for over 50 years, firstly in America, then France, and took part and travelled with, 3 international musicals giving the ideas of IofC through the stage: Sing Out (1965), It's Our Country Jack (1967-8),  and Song of Asia which travelled in India and then Indo-China.

She married Geoffrey Craig in 1975 after which they worked in East Asia for a number of years - in The Philippines, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan, ending up with 4 1/2 years in Japan.

Afterwards they returned to London where they lived with their two sons and spent 21 years helping to run an IofC centre where they welcomed many guests from all over the world.

She and Geoffrey moved to Edinburgh, Scotland in 2008 and have continued their links all around the world. Geoffrey died in 2018. She has 5 grandchildren.