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William (Bill) Stallybrass

British language teacher and Director of Studies at the Ghana Military Academy.

William (Bill) Stallybrass studied German in Germany before World War 2, and became a language teacher. Before the war, he was involved in Moral Re-Armament, partly through his passion for mountains and climbing and his friendship with the painter and climber Heaton Cooper. During the war, he worked in military intelligence, and for two years before the Normandy landings (D-Day) his unit was studying beach defences and conditions. After the liberation of Paris, he was based for a time in Versailles, in the stables of the royal palace, as part of SHAEF, General Eisenhower’s headquarters, and he was one of the first of the MRA team to renew links with the French MRA team.

After the war, for many years he was a lecturer in modern languages at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, training officers for the British Army and the Commonwealth (1947-‘71). During that period, he was seconded to be first Director of Studies of the Ghana Military Academy (1960-’61). After retirement, he and his wife, Margo, went to Germany, where he taught in the German secondary school.

Death year
United Kingdom
Primary country of residence
United Kingdom