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Caux kitchen

Caux kitchen

Volunteers in the Caux kitchen

Cooking for hundreds of people takes skill and courage at the best of times – and all the more so when your team speaks several languages and includes people who have rarely cooked before.

For most of the Caux conference centre’s existence, the meals have been cooked by conference participants, led by intrepid and experienced head cooks, who came from all over the world. These women – and some men – were volunteers, who left jobs and other commitments to spend summer after summer at Caux. There was no paid staff.

The kitchen was a place where many had a deep experience , not only of cooking, but of meeting and working with people from other political opinions or background.

So over the years, thousand of people worked in that kitchen, coming from the 5 continents. This collection gives you a glimpse of these years and those who took part in them.

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